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Gynaecology Service

Dealing with the worry of gynaecological symptoms or the prospect of cancer can be an extremely anxious time and finding the right course of action to address these concerns can be a daunting process. That is why São José Hospital has just launched a new private gynaecology service, provided by Mr Alan Gillespie, Consultant Gynaecologist.

Patients can have an appointment secured within a few days and once they are under the care of Mr Gillespie, treatment can begin promptly after a diagnosis is made. This approach takes away the stress of having to wait for appointments and ensures treatment begins as soon as patients wish.

Services offered by Mr Gillespie at São José Hospital include:

  • General Gynaecology (for patients with period problems, abnormal bleeding, prolapse, pelvic pain and other common gynaecological complaints)
  • Rapid Access Gynaecology (for patients who are worried they may have cancer or with cervical smear abnormalities)
  • Colposcopy (for diagnostic or treatment purposes and for those seeking advice regarding HPV vaccination)
  • Screening/Family History (counselling for patients with a family history of breast, bowel, ovary or uterus cancer)

Call 263 2114 for further information or to make an appointment

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