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Payment options

Insured Patients

We have direct settlement arrangements with most major UK health insurance companies, which means that the insurance company will settle the authorised Hospital account directly. The Hospital’s admissions staff will discuss your claim form or authorisation number with you prior to admission in order to facilitate this. 

Any policy excess or charges not covered by your insurance company will be billed directly to you personally. 

Uninsured Patients

São José Hospital has a number of packages and payment options for uninsured patients.

In partnership with First Medical Loans, we can offer finance packages including a 10 months interest free option, subject to status ( apply)’ can be added to ‘Uninsured patients’ where we deleted ‘please refer to relevant literature.

Prices from:

Treatment Cost
Abdominal hysterectomy £4,750
Abdominoplasty - tummy tuck £4,750
Arthroscopy £2,243
Blepharoplasty - upper eyelids LA £1,385
Breast augmentation £3,950
Breast reduction £5,350
Carpal tunnel £1,322
Cataract £1,745
Circumcision £1,535
Colonoscopy £1,465
Cystoscopy £620
D&C £1,259
Face lift £5,650
FESS (endoscopic sinus surgery) £2,952
Gastroscopy £615
Hip replacement £7,662
Hysteroscopy inc biopsy £1,494
Knee replacement £8,424
Lap & dye - Laparoscopy £2,076
Laparoscopic cholecystectomy £4,721
Myringotomy & insertion of grommets £1,619
Out-patient consultation £100
Physiotherapy (per half hour) £37
Rhinoplasty £3,750
Sigmoidoscopy £1,105
Squint correction £2,065
TURBT Bladder resection £3,363
TURP Prostatectomy £4,444
Varicose veins bilateral On request
Varicose veins unilateral On request
Vasectomy reversal £1,895



A full copy of the Hospital’s would normally be forwarded with your admission details. If you have not received your copy, please do not hesitate to request a copy from any member of staff.


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