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Privacy Policy


The confidentiality of patient information is of paramount concern to São José Hospital, to this end, São José Hospital fully complies with Data Protection Legislation and Medical Confidentiality Guidelines.

Medical Information

Medical information will be kept confidential, it will only be disclosed to those involved with your treatment or care, or to their agents and, if applicable, to any person or organisation who may be responsible for meeting your treatment expenses, or their agents.


São José Hospital supports ethically approved research projects.

Anonymised or aggregated data may be used by São José Hospital, or disclosed to others for research or statistical purposes, no individual is identifiable in this anonymised research.

The São José Hospital supports the assessment of clinical governance, as part of these initiatives, the long term efficacy and effectiveness of certain treatments are measured. To assist in these reviews, patient identifiable data may be used by São José Hospital, or disclosed to organisations such as the National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE), the Cancer Registry or the Public Health Service involved in such research and will be used only for the specific purposes of the research project. Such researchers will be under a duty of medical confidentiality and that imposed by the Data Protection Act.

Access to Non-Medical Information

The São José Hospital and your insurers would, on occasion, like to keep you informed of products and services which they consider may be of interest to you. No medical information would be disclosed to others for this purpose and non-medical information would be disclosed on a strictly confidential basis. Should you not wish to receive information about products and services from the São José Hospital please let us know in writing.

Names and Addresses

São José Hospital DOES NOT make the names and addresses of patients available to other organisations.


Information may be disclosed to others with a view to preventing fraud.

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